Reforestation & BioFuel

Paraguay & Madagascar

Pongamia trees, as nitrogen fixers, revitalize degraded land. Large-scale reforestation projects can be developed in parallel with sylvopastural agriculture activities.

Pongamia produces an inedible oil that can be transformed into biofuel with an exceptional carbon footprint.

Wood Energy


Canopy takes part in the recycling of waste from logging and hevea plantations in Cameroon.

50,000 tons of wood pellets are produced each year, and sustain local, renewable energy consumption.

Large-scale Solar Projects

Corsica, Spain, Burkina Faso & Madagascar

Canopy has been developing large-scale solar projects for 15 years cumulating over 300MWp.

Tailored Solar Solutions


Thanks to a strong expertise in solar plants development, Canopy Cameroun offers a tailored service for businesses, municipalities or individuals who wish to equip their homes with solar panels and improve their overall energy efficiency.

Hybrid Solar mini-grids for rural economic development


The project aims at demonstrating the sustainability and the viability of a solar based rural electrification business model, which is designed for enhancing the economic growth of rural areas in the South of Madagascar.