Development and financing of decarbonization projects

Achieve your carbon neutrality goal by investing in a transition project!

Working to reduce emissions or trap greenhouse gases can take many forms. This may include, among other things, reducing anthropogenic pressure on forest areas, promoting agricultural practices that are more respectful of natural resources, improving the energy performance of developing countries, or implementing carbon storage actions in soils (biochar, reforestation, afforestation).

CANOPY ENERGY has acquired strong expertise in Latin America (Paraguay), in Africa (Cameroon, Congo and Madagascar), as well as in the Caribbean (Haiti). We have been developing carbon offset projects for over 10 years by relying on a large network of local partners who trust us.

Do you want to invest in a transition project and participate in its development? We are here to support you in all stages:

  • Selection of the project, location and teams
  • Consultation of stakeholders and local authorities
  • Feasibility study, technical surveys, risks evaluation and financing needs
  • Obtaining carbon certification
  • Implementation of activities
  • Monitoring measures
  • Carbon credit emission procedures

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