Fighting against global warming

Promoting low carbon energy

Reducing our ecological footprint

Being an actor of the energy transition

CANOPY ENERGY pledges to fight global warming, focusing on producing clean energy and reducing carbon emissions. 

Canopy Energy was born in 2008 and started by developing solar power plants. Our rising awareness of the climate crisis has led us to transform our activities. Today, our mission focuses on the following two themes:

To produce carbon-free energy

The ecological transition cannot take place without an alternative to the consumption of non-renewable energy.


To develop projects that avoid greenhouse gas emissions or sequester large quantities of CO2

It is possible, starting today, to use our resources more efficiently. Many simple innovations can limit our greenhouse gas emissions.

To achieve these goals,

Development: we are involved at all stages of the projects we develop, paying particular attention to the social co-benefits brought to local populations;

Consulting: we support companies in the implementation of their “low carbon” strategy;

Financing: we invest in transition projects and our customers can, if they wish, be part of the projects’ financing.

Since 2021 and in order to contribute to the common effort of carbon neutrality, Canopy Energy has implemented its climate strategy and offset its emissions.

Development and financing

Project development and financing

Management of carbon credits portfolio

Management of carbon credits portfolio