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Biofuel market

Biofuel could provide 27% of the world’s transport fuel by 2050 (IEA).

More than 62 countries with biofuel mandates.

World biofuel demand is expected to grow from 4.5 billion gallons today to 7 billion gallons in 2020 (IEA).

Pongamia tree

    Alternative feedstock for HVO.

    Scalable reforestation.

    Farming on distressed land.

    Silvopastural agriculture.

Sustainable investment

No food competition.

Afforestation / soil improvement tool.

Negative carbon footprint.

An innovative partnership

Investancia is a private services company, specialized in low carbon fuel production from Pongamia reforestation.
Elite tree genetics in partnership with universities and genetic partners.
Planting and all subsequent management of volume plantations.
Harvesting, crushing and off-take agreements.

Investancia is based in Paraguay.
In order to adhere to advanced biofuel certifications, reforestation are developed on previously deforested land.
With a clone-based propagation site and nursery in Estancia Santa Rosanna, a 725-hectares property site on Rio Paraguay.

Investancia’s team
Agronomists, genetic & low carbon fuel specialists.
Professional reforestation management.
Endorsements from experts in the oil and transport industries.