Advisory of project owners and investors for the purchase, sale and financing of their solar and biofuel energy projects.

Client support throughout the completion of the transaction. Including all legal, administrative and technical audits, as well as operational and contractual performance of the operation.

Large network of suppliers and banks to help clients get the best technical and financial solutions.

IPP Solar Plant

Projects :
Large scale solar power plants (from 1 MWp to 50 MWp).
Electricity directly injected to national grid.
Hybrid solutions with local distribution network.

Clients :
State, national electric operators.

Business model :
Canopy operates the plant and sells energy to electric operators (IPP) or private individuals (concession).

Smart-grid and small-scaled projects

Medium scale systems (20 kWp to 5 MWp).

Private small-scale project: industrial sites, hotels, hospitals, offices, shopping centers, etc.

Mini-grid: Villages, housing estates and other public or private electrical networks.

Hybrid solutions: solar + batteries + diesel generators.

Our development projects